St. Maarten Island Welcomes Families With Children

St. Maarten Island, although known for its beaches, shopping, nightlife and rich culture, has an array of activities for kids to enjoy and makes a great family getaway. The island is not just for honeymooners and welcomes families. Parents can feel good about providing their children with a memorable vacation while still enjoying the experience themselves.


The island is home to the largest zoological park in the Caribbean. Hundreds of birds,  mammals and reptiles call the park their home. Located in Philipsburg it is only a few minutes  from the boardwalk and cruise ship port. Children can enjoy the largest playground on the  island and there is a gift shop full of souvenirs. Along with the reptile house, bat house and  petting zoo guests have the opportunity to see both exotic and local species of animals.

Loterie Farm is a 135-acre private farm and historical site that offers hiking and the Ti’Tarzan  fly zone for kids. With its suspended bridges and swinging ropes, the kids are sure to get excited  while burning up all of the “kid energy” that they muster. Families can enjoy lunch in a nature  setting.

The Butterfly Farm features hundreds of rare and exotic butterflies in a garden setting with waterfalls and a pond stocked with Japanese fish in a tranquil setting. There is the Coconut Trees go-cart track and more than one horseback riding stable. All three amusement choices offer a chance for families to spend quality time together while still enjoying the uniqueness of the island.

Children can be picky eaters, but have no fear, McDonalds and Quiznos can be found on the island. Even in this unique and unfamiliar territory the children can feel right at home.

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Many of the Hotels on the island are set up to accommodate families with children. When  the parents are ready to rest or just have some time to themselves, The Royal Palm Beach  Resort offers children’s activities and a family play area. If they are ready for a break, or just  ready to enjoy some of the adult-oriented activities the island has to offer, places like the  Princess Heights Hotel and the Belair Beach Hotel offer babysitting services. If your hotel does not offer a shuttle service contact car rental St Martin so you can travel to all of the islands destinations.

With so much specifically targeted for children’s enjoyment and families convenience at the  island, it makes a great vacation place for families. Combined with the shopping, the  museums, the beaches, the food, and the atmosphere, St. Maarten promises to give children  and their parents alike a vacation that will create memories for a lifetime