Things to do in St. Maarten

14493979969_279a297c39_zSt. Maarten is an island in the Caribbean. This island has many attractions that can keep a person on vacation busy and allow them to enjoy their time on this island.
Since St. Maarten is an island one of the best features is the beach. The average temperature is in the 80s all year and the temperature of the water is around 70 degrees. This is refreshing but not too cool to go swimming. The beaches have clear and blue water. The sand is white and fine. The beaches on the coast of Guana Bay have some large waves for those that enjoy surfing. These beaches are open to the public. If a person is feeling adventurous they can head over to the French side of the island and go to a nude beach.
If a person needs a break from the beach they can travel to one of the fourteen casinos on St. Maarten. Some of these casinos are right off the beach. Some of the best casinos are in Simpson Bay and Maho. A person can find a variety of slot machines as well as card table games. There is also bingo and even live entertainment.
There is plenty of shopping on the island of St. Maarten. Front Street in the Phillipsburg area provides some great duty free outlets as well as jewelry stores. A person can also purchase cigars and liquors here. There are plenty of clothing stores that carry the latest fashions at reasonable prices. There are many stores that sell gems and other jewels that come with guarantees of authenticity and certifications to show that they are real and authentic.
St. Maarteen is an island that is rich in culture. There are many areas including the St. Maarten Museum where a person can get a feel of the natural disaster that have affected the island. They can also see how there are a blend of culture currently on the island and the influence they have on style. There are also artifacts on display that date back centuries. There is also the Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit where a person can see the artwork of the creator of Yoda from Star Wars. The city of Phillipsburg offer local Caribbean and Haitian influenced artwork.

This island offer people the chance to play in the water and do some ports they may have never done before. Many of 7724739866_1a5131a2f7_zthe hotels have jet ski, water bikes, and even windsurfing equipment rentals. One of the best places to do these sports it the Great Bay. There are also plenty of chances to go scuba diving and some hotel even offer a nigh dive. Sailing is also a popular activity on this island. This island is known for having some of the biggest yachts in the world and a person can even rent them.

These are just some of the great activities that a person can do in St. Maarten. This island has it all; beaches, entertainment, gambling, and even some duty free shopping to make it the perfect vacation destination. Contact to secure a vehicle and see every destination.