Reasons to Invest in LED Lighting

Reasons to Invest in LED Lighting for Your Home Décor

Your home is a sanctuary where you return after a tiring day in the office. It is the perfect getaway especially if you have optimized the décor layout to give it a welcoming touch. One way to create a magnificent indoor and outdoor décor is to play with the lighting. While traditional incandescent bulbs are still common décor experts recommend LED lighting for many reasons.

As a homeowner you need to get more insight on this contemporary form of lighting in order to get the most out of it. Here are some key points to remember:

LED Lighting Demystified

The main difference between LED lighting and traditional incandescent bulbs is in the way they produce light. Old fashioned bulbs feature a filament which easily burns out. On the other hand LED lamps produce light through a semi-conductor which emits light when an electric current passes through. They are solid-state light sources and some have a lifetime of 100,000 hours. With this in mind it is important to look at some practical benefits LED lights give a homeowner:

Eco-Friendly LED Lighting

A major concern in every global debate today is of course environmental degradation. Lights are eco-friendly and they are not only energy efficient but also reduce UV emissions. They contain no toxic chemicals unlike Compact Fluorescent lamps (CFLs) which contain mercury among other harmful chemicals. They are also fully recyclable which reduces landfill dumping.

Cost Saving with LED Lighting

While you want the best décor in your home the cost of lighting can ruin your finances. LED lights use less energy to provide light. An LED lamp uses 15% of the energy a standard CFL uses and provides more light output. They produce less heat which minimizes your ventilation bill. Moreover, they last longer which cuts replacement costs.

Versatile Usage of LED Lighting

If you are wondering how to bring your home to life, LED Lighting is the way to go. You can use these lights in different décor locations including under kitchen cabinets, on the deck, color changing box shelves, under your couch, on vanity mirrors, under open-raiser stairs among other areas. They come in myriad colors and your bland looking décor can instantly turn into a resplendent living space.

Optimal Performance of LED Lighting

LEDs are easy to design into any shape but more importantly its light dispersal is perfect for any space. They focus light without need for an external reflector. What’s more they can be switched on/off frequently without any damaging effects. These lamps also switch on instantly even when cold and this high performance makes them ideal for any application.

LED Lighting is the future of interior and exterior décor. Isn’t it time you brought your home to life with these lamps?